Training services

We offer training services for 3D-printing, 3D-scanning and 3D-modelling as customer-tailored courses and as open to all  basic courses trough Open University of Applied Sciences.

The customer-tailored courses can include specific machine or software use training or emphasize the theme requested by the customer. The course can be e.g. tailored around 3D-printing processibility of a certain product or product-family.

The following courses are available for Savonia's students and also available via Campusonline (mainly in Finnish).

  • 3D-modeling
    • 3D-suunnittelua pilvessä - Onshape peruskurssi, verkkototeutus, 5 op/syksy 2019
    • 3D-suunnittelua pilvessä - Onshape jatkokurssi, verkkototeutus, 5 op/syksy 2019
  • 3D-scanning
    • Coming 2020
  • 3D-printing
    • 3D-tulostuksen perusteet (teoria) 5 op, CampusOnline syksy 2020