Development of the 3D-printing environment in Pohjois-Savo, investment & research projects

Project time: 1.10.2018 - 31.03.2021

An investment project to Savonia's Additive Manufacturing research and learning environment. The investments include a range of 3D-printing machines and robotic tools for printing metal, plastic and concrete materials. As a result of this project, the additive manufacturing research and learning environment will have a modern additive manufacturing equipment.

The project involves several research & company parters from Pohjois-Savoa area, including: Kuopio University Hospital, University of Eastern Finland, Savo Vocational College, Ylä-Savo Vocational College.

Investment project: 2 657 200 €
Research project: 624 663 €

One of the goals for the research project is to involve together companies from the Northern Savonia region from a wide range of industries.

  • The companies involves in the project will be able to participate in the research projects. This includes the use of Savonia's expertise regarding design, modeling, structural analysis and material testing.
  • End products / production for sale are not possible with ERDF-funded equipment.
    • If, after research and testing, the company is interested in the production of production pieces by 3D printing, a suitable supplier is sought from commercial service providers.


Investment project procurement list, total of 2 657 200 €

  • Services (software, technical environment, competitive bidding)
  • Materials, supplies and accessories
  • Machinery and Equipment
    • Metal 3D-printer (PBF) : acquired 2020 (SLM 280 2x700W)
    • Metal 3D-printer (ME+sintering): acquired 2020 (Markforged Metal X)
    • Metal 3D-printhead for robot (WAAM): acquired 2020 (Fronius CMT)
    • Plastic 3D-printer (MJF): acquired 2020 (HP MJF 580)
    • Plastic 3D-printer (multimaterial): acquired 2019 (Stratasys J735)
    • Plastic 3D-printhead for robot: acquired 2020 (CEAD robotextruder)
    • Plastic 3D-printers for training A (pursotus): acquired 2020 (Ultimaker S5+S3*8)
    • Plastic 3D-printers for training B (pursotus +hiilikuitu): acquired 2019 (Markforged Mark Two)
    • Plastic 3D-printers for training C (jauhepeti): acquired 2020 (Sinterit Lisa Pro)
    • Desktop filament maker: acquired 2019 (3Devo Composer)
    • Plastic testing machine/enviromental test chamber (XEON) : acquired 2019 (Atlas Suntest XXL+)
    • Concrete 3D-printing solution: supplier selected, delivery 2-3/2020 (Hyperion Robotics)