3D-printing with robots (3DROBO), 1.1.2022 - 31.8.2023
The goal of the project is the acquisition of necessary software and accessories so that the existing robotic 3D-printing equipment for metal, plastic and concrete can be effectively used in Savonia.
Project tasks include investing in a robotic post-processing system for plastic/composite prints and researching & testing materials that are suitable for robotic 3D-printing.

Budget: 128.000 € (investments) + 260.448 € (development project)

3D-printing services

3D-printing - 3D-modeling - 3D-scanning - Strength calculations - Material testing - Product development and training services


Materials: Polymers, metals
Our modern 3D-printing equipment enables the use of most common 3D-printing methods


3D-Scan - 3D-measurements - Reports - 3D-model post processing


Design and modeling services - Solidworks - Spaceclaim - Rhinoceros

Training services

We offer customized 3D printing training
Basic courses in 3D printing are offered through the Open UAS

Strength calculations

Strength calculations and topology optimization
Ansys - PareToWorks

Material testing

Material testing for 3D-printed parts, UV-aging, tensile strength tests...

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